#3 the fault in our stars



RATING : 4.7/5


Cher Reader,

When I had finished reading the first page of “The Fault in Our stars”, I knew right then and there that this novel was going to change me. And God, had I ever been truer?!

The story is narrated by a sixteen-year-old cancer patient named Hazel Grace Lancaster, now in her final stage of cancer. On her mother’s behest, she attends a cancer patient’s support group, where she meets a 17-year-old teenage boy named Augustus Walters, who had lost a leg to ‘osteosarcoma’. Augustus came to the group to support his friend Isaac, but instead ends up taking a liking for Hazel. As days pass, Hazel and Augustus bond over Books, games, movies and Cancer. Inevitably, they fall in love.

The author, ‘John Green’, has written a touching literary piece that describes beautifully the life of those who are fighting cancer. What I liked the most about the book was that Green does not make cancer patients appear as pitiful beings. Instead, he has shown the side of them which often goes unperceived – the side where they get up each day knowing that it might be the last one; the side where they laugh out at cancer with their friends and family; the side where they look right into the eyes of their loved ones and say, ”I’ll be fine”, when they themselves are unsure of the statement. “The fault in our stars” is among those fortunate books which have a screen adaptation. The movie brilliantly captures the entire exquisiteness and emotions of the characters, and if I take the liberty of being “bold”, I will even say that it perfectly complements the novel.

Green makes you fall in love with the beauty of imperfections. As you finish the last page, you realise that it takes a hell lot of courage to downplay your pain and fix a smile on your face for the people you love, even when you know that all hope is lost. Hazel and Augustus enjoy a love which most individuals don’t get to feel in their entire life. “The Fault in Our stars” is a book whose every page is a tribute to those who have fought cancer, their families who stood beside them, their friends, and lovers who did not lose hope, no matter what came their way. I say, pick a copy, and let your heart rejoice in the eternity of love captured in these numbered pages

Yours Frankly



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