‘Cher’ is French for ‘Dear’, here at Cherreader, I review books for my dear fellow readers.

Reading novels has always been my favorite hobby. Somewhere between the yellow pages of an old book and the papery smell of new books,I found my solace. 

I have had my fair share of amazing and not so amazing books.Some printed words make us smile, some make us laugh our heads off,while some (to frame it politely 😛 ) just make us pray for the end. Trust me I do know how it feels like when you invest your time and money in a book and after reading it,all you want to do is question the universe why it punished you with such a book.

At Cherreader, I will make a small effort to help you pick a novel which says “my type”.

Don’t worry, you are in absolutely safe hands. 🙂 


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