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RATING : 4/5

Cher Reader,

At my college’s book fair, the book cover of “Marley and Me” caught my attention. A heart melting cute dog and Jennifer Aniston, what a combo, right? So after being quite enamoured by the cover, I bought the book for some light reading, and here is my review.

John and Jenny are in the sublime early days of marriage, with not a care in the world. After the author’s wife, ‘Jenny’, fails to take care of a plant, doubts about raising a child begin creeping up in her mind. With the hope of cheering up their lives, they bring home a Labrador pup, whom they affectionately name “Grogan’s Majestic Marley of Churchill”, A.K.A., Marley.

Marley quickly grows into a barrelling, ninety-seven-pound Labrador retriever. He crashes through screen doors, gouges through drywall, flings drool on guests, steals women’s undergarments, and eats nearly everything he can get his mouth around, including couches and fine jewellery. Even obedience school fails to discipline him.

With the passage of time, this big bad boy becomes an integral part of their family. The Grogan family learns to love imperfections!!

I have to say, John Grogan has penned his first biographical novel with conviction. With humor and wit, he comically describes even the most embarrassing adventures with Marley (trust me, being a dog owner myself, I know it’s not easy). The book is an absolutely amazing read, with real life pictures of John Grogan & family and Marley. One thing which I personally enjoyed a lot is the well timed humor. (Well, who doesn’t like a good laugh once in a while?) The novel also has the infamous screen adaptation which has garnered many awards.

P.S: If you are a pet owner/lover, you have to, like compulsorily have to, read this book.

P.P.S: If dogs, their drools or pets in general, creep/gross you out, then I suggest that you give this one a miss.

Yours Frankly