“Watermelon”-Book Review



Rating: 3.5/5

Cher Reader,

In all honesty, I bought the book merely because its name intrigued me. When I read the title “Watermelon”, my imagination ran wild, guessing what the story might be. Is the book about watermelons or something more substantial? Read on to find out!

Claire is a 29 years old woman, who is abandoned by her husband right after the birth of their child (an angelic baby girl). A new mommy, who doesn’t have a husband at her side, she braves herself to face the world. The protagonist is one hell of a woman; someone who can inspire people to accept who they are and be proud of it.

This book was my first encounter with Marian Keyes’ writing, and I must say that she was nothing short of a surprise. She handles a sensitive plot with great dexterity, weaving humor and inspiration slowly and steadily. The real beauty in the plot was the family. The author has brilliantly captured the essence of a family. How a family argues, fights, pulls each other’s hair but in the end they are the pillars of your life, who will handle your worst and still love you unconditionally.

On the closure, I’ll take away a few points because at times, it feels as if the author has drawled on and on, rambling out of context. Otherwise, “Watermelon” is a dish to at least try once. It’s a touching journey of a woman who picks up the pieces of her life from when she looked like a watermelon (post pregnancy). It is definitely a lesson to never look for a man’s approval, and to realize your worth.

P.S: If you are facing a tough life on your personal front, do give it a read. You might realize that life isn’t that bad with some humor and will at your side!

P.P.S: If you have sisters, then do read it; you will feel a sense of déjà vu many times along the way! 😛

Yours Frankly